The Sustainable Development Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals

Once again it was my honour to host the EUConsult Autumn Congress, this time in Edinburgh. This year we focused on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they are being implemented in Europe.

It is easy to think of the SDGs as just being relevant for the developing world, but as the climate crisis continues to remind us, we’re all connected and what we do in the global north matters just as much as what happens in the global south.

What really stood out for me during discussions about the SDGs in Europe was that so many people started from the position of thinking the goals weren’t relevant to their clients. Through excellent case studies and practical exercises however there were a few light bulb moments where delegates began to understand how to use the goals to align both to their own work and also to the work of their clients.

This last point is crucial: consultants are often in a privileged position to influence and advice at a strategic level. By demonstrating that the goals are useful for strategic planning and organisational development through their own work, consultants can show their clients that working with the goals matter.

There can be a moment of doom and gloom when thinking about the scale of the tasks ahead of us, but as the conference proved, starting small and local and personal works and can quickly escalate to something much larger and more impactful.

I committed EUConsult to looking at its work against the goals and I will be reviewing my own work against the goals and assessing how much I’ve contributed.

What will you be doing?


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