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© LoveTheWind iStock

Everyone is talking about the ‘new normal’, this is an opportunity for change, we can and must work in a better, different way.

Well that’s all good and well, but how do you pivot organisations towards this new better different normal?

The one thing that has struck me about businesses, social enterprises, charities is just how fragile they are. We are used to cost cutting, delivering more with less. The result has not be efficient, effective organisations as we were always told. It has just been fragile organisations. Organisations that can no longer deliver against their mission or for their beneficiaries. Organisations that are no longer fit for purpose.

Social impact organisations are reporting much more call on their services now and much more demand for intelligent, joined up interventions. So in order that they can deliver the social impact that we are demanding, we need to ensure that they can deliver it. This doesn’t mean simply putting them back on to the same footing they were beforehand, rather it means making them more resilient, more effective and more flexible and dynamic.

I suspect this also means that small local organisations will begin to thrive and large national and international organisations will survive. But those mid-range organisations will be the most vulnerable and the most likely not to survive. This might be ok. This might not be ok. I don’t know the answer to this one, other than to say that there are still too many similar charities and social enterprises in the UK all trying to do the same job. Equally, being a charity or a social enterprise is no longer a requirement for doing good or a tag that will let you off.  

All businesses and organisations need to do better and do better differently. That means better and different capacity. What do you need to do for your organisation or your clients to ensure that they can do better differently?


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