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In 2016 I started working on a pro bono basis with a membership organisation called EUConsult that aims to contribute towards a strong, independent European-wide not-for-profit sector served by ethical, professional and competent consultants and advisors by providing a forum for consultants to the not-for-profit sector. Encouraging and stimulating ethical and professional behavior, collaboration, and developing the technical and business skills of its members.

I was so impressed by the calibre of individuals that I met amongst EUConsult’s membership and by the opportunities for networking that I joined the organisation and am now on the Board. There, that’s the disclosure over!

1 Face-to-face is great!
I was impressed because these are all people who are successful in their chosen sectors, coming together to share experience and advice and opportunities in a collaborative manner. The workshops and congresses are stimulating and touch on diverse topics such as community mobilisation and blockchain. Yes, email, skype, slack, quip, whatsapp are all great. But when language is a barrier, sometimes its better to be in the same room rather than on the end of a network connection.

2 Being in a network makes me improve
I have upped my game since becoming a member, I am better at what I do because I’m with others who are the best at what they do and I have a broad network of people across Europe that I can turn to for both advice and to share opportunities with.

3 I’m not on my own
Engaging with a diverse group from different backgrounds has confirmed to me that we sometimes face similar challenges with clients regardless of where we work and what language we speak, and that sometimes taking the time to listen and speak with others provides an opportunity to refresh and reset and improve ourselves. I value the time that I can take to meet with people from across Europe and discuss common issues and challenges.

What are your experiences of being in a network? Have you found that you improve? How do you keep in touch with others?

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