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In the past few weeks I’ve been involved in more online calls and webinars than before as we all try to find ways to keep our networks alive whilst maintaining social distancing or lockdown requirements.

It has led to better relationships between consulting colleagues and deeper relationships with clients as we all try to navigate new ways of working.

What has come out of these online sessions is a series of issues that consultants and clients are seeing on the ground:

  1. Keeping in contact with clients and doing client acquisition during the pandemic
  2. Time management
  3. Working from home (for those who don’t usually do it)
  4. Mental health of consultants and clients
  5. How the sector will change as a result of this crisis (job losses are already happening)

We’re all still grappling with these issues, but I wondered whether any of these had cropped up in your work and what you were doing to address them?

Let me know how you’re getting on!


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