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A couple of weeks ago I was part of a learning event held by one of my clients. I had recently led a two-person team to deliver an organisational evaluation of their performance and results over the past three years. We delivered a five minute summary of our results together with key take-away messages for stakeholders in the room – what could they learn from this evaluation?

What was most striking about the day was the wide range of stakeholders who were involved and who were prepared to share both their own experiences and their expectations of how such an event could help move things forward.

There was genuine openness and willingness to share and learn. In fact, the event came to be seen as the start of a community of practice that wanted to keep learning and sharing – such was the value derived from the day.

This kind of sharing of evidence is remarkable and needed more widely. It is important to know that certain evidence has been generated by a particular organisation. It is also important that each organisation doesn’t hold on to its evidence so tightly, but lets others see what it has achieved and found difficult. Because it is only working in partnership that we can tackle complex issues and challenges, ensuring that our results are sustainable.

Don’t you agree?


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