© DusanVulic / iStock
© DusanVulic / iStock

A couple of weeks ago I talked about the four factors for successful social impact reviews.  One of the factors was communication – sharing your social impact story.

To do that successfully you really need to have thought about how you might share your social impact story before you even started.  You already know that when you’re designing your intervention or project, you’re already thinking about what you want to achieve in the end – you put those outcomes and goals into your Theory of Change or framework.  So do the same for your impact story.

When you’ve designed your framework for measuring your project, think about how you might talk about it publicly.  Is it a good case study for a conference in your field? Is it a likely candidate for a series of blog posts or podcasts, or an infographic for the website?

This might not seem like the most important thing to be doing before you’ve even started the work.  But if you want to ensure that your impact results are used not only internally, but also get shared appropriately beyond the organisation, then you need to plan for that to happen.  

Sharing both successes and challenges helps more people to know about what you do, engages a wider group of stakeholders in your work and ensures that your results can be used to influence other interventions and project designs.  It also encourages others to share their successes and opportunities with you, which in turn informs your intervention design.  

Together we make each other more effective, more successful.  And that improves social impact for everyone.


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