Client: The Donkey Sanctuary

Role: Evaluator

Project: Evaluation of The Donkey Sanctuary’s Brick Kiln Work (2018)
The Donkey Sanctuary requested an evaluation of its work in the Brick Kilns in Egypt, India and Nepal that had been taking place for the past nine to fifteen years. One of the objectives of the evaluation was to understand what makes a good Brick Kiln project. This was a desk-based evaluation and included review of almost 900 documents, key informant interviews with multiple stakeholders in Egypt, India and Nepal as well as the UK. Outcome Harvesting questionnaires were applied, process mapping the project designs took place (as there was no Theory of Change) and qualitative comparative analysis was conducted on the collected evidence to identify the necessary and sufficient components of a successful Donkey Sanctuary Brick Kiln project. The result was an evaluation report that also set out the elements of a successful Donkey Sanctuary Brick Kiln project.

Project: Theory of Change Workshop (2019)
The Donkey Sanctuary commissioned a Theory of Change workshop that followed on from the Brick Kiln evaluation. Working with the country teams and partners from Egypt, India and Nepal to design an industry sector-specific Theory of Change for The Donkey Sanctuary’s Brick Kiln work in the region. The workshop delivered an overarching Theory of Change with nested Theories of Change for each country, with associated results frameworks that ensured that The Donkey Sanctuary had the tools to deliver results against its overarching Theory of Change, whilst allowing local variation in the delivery of work as relevant to each country.

Project: Strategic Review of Donkey Sanctuary-funded work in Nepal (2019)
Working closely with The Donkey Sanctuary’s partner, Animal Nepal, this strategic review provided an assessment of achievements in Nepal to date and assessed the opportunities for future collaboration across a range of thematic areas. This review was used to feed into a wider regional strategy being developed for South Asia.