Client: The Brooke

Role: Management Consultant

Project: Analysis of Business Processes (2017-18)The Brooke requested an analysis of its processes for developing multi-year business plans with its branches, affiliates and partners. The organisation had only recently introduced this process and wanted to learn from the experience about what had worked, what had worked less well and what could be improved. The result was a recommendation report that outlined a series of improvements that the organisation could make, one of which was to conduct a mid-term review of its Global Strategy.

Role: Evaluator

Project: Mid-term Review of Brooke’s Global Strategy (2018)
Following on from the review of its business processes, Brooke requested a mid-term review of the first multi-year Global Strategy the organisation had put in place. The review included analysis of the fit between the organisation’s new Theory of Change and its existing multi-year plans. The resulting evaluation report included a recommendation for a single global plan and better project reporting and the results were discussed with the trustees in a session at their away-day in June 2018.

Role: Management Consultant

Project: Additional Analysis and Facilitating Global Planning Workshop (2018)
Following on from the mid-term review, Brooke had accepted all the recommendations from the mid-term review and some of the recommendations from the analysis of the business planning processes. This led to the organisation deciding to review and reforecast the plan for the remaining part of its strategic period to 2021. A series of planning workshops with representatives from all branches and affiliates was convened. Brooke requested assistance with some of the sessions to ensure impartiality amongst the participants and additional analysis on the existing multi-year plans to understand the scope of effort the reforecast was going to involve. Additional detailed analysis was provided before the workshops with a suggested solution for managing reporting or project results together with new sessions on contextual analysis and risk facilitated with all participants.