Client: The Resource Alliance

Role: Consultant & Evaluator

Project: Developing a Theory of Change, M&E Plan and Tools (2014 – 2016)

Working with the team at Resource Alliance to develop an organisational Theory of Change and an associated M&E plan.  I also worked closely with the international programme team to develop and test new monitoring tools based on Outcome Mapping, to be used in their capacity building programme with partners in locations as diverse as Mexico and India.  Using a collaborative workshop approach, the Theory of Change and a framework for the M&E plan were developed with the team to ensure ownership of the products.  The Outcome Mapping tools were developed in association with Resource Alliance’s partner in Mexico City, to ensure that they were easy to use for partners with different levels of capacity.

Project: The Emerge Programme Evaluation (2020)

The Resource Alliance has been running the Emerge programme since 2014, providing capacity building support to organisations across the world, to improve their fundraising capability. Delivered through a partnership with The Oak Foundation. A mixed methods evaluation was commissioned to understand the successes and challenges of the programme and generate learnings that The Resource Alliance could use in improving the design of the Emerge Programme.


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