Client: Concern Worldwide

Project: Developing a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Framework for Concern’s Global Citizenship Education (GCE) programme in Ireland (2022 – 23)

Worked with the active citizenship and public engagement teams to develop a Theory of Change for GCE that responded to Concern’s global strategy and Irish Aid’s GCE strategy.  Developed a results framework that responded to the Theory of Change, and developed new data collection tools and processes that supported the new results framework.  Provided training and support to the team as the new processes and systems were being rolled out.

Project: Final evaluation of Concern Worldwide’s €120m Irish Aid-funded development, humanitarian and development education programmes (2021)

As global lead of a small evaluation team put together by the client, led on designing and implementing a multi-country, remote and cascaded evaluation spanning 19 projects across 18 countries.  This included capacity building local in-country evaluators and consultancy teams to conduct country-level evaluations.

Project: Facilitating the development of Advocacy M&E Tools (2017)

Working with Concern’s global advocacy team to define and develop a Theory of Change for Global Advocacy and to suggest key monitoring tools that could be used to collect and manage evidence for Global Advocacy. The Theory of Change was incorporated into a proposal for Irish Aid and discussed with the donor in detail.

Project: Strategic Framework for Public Engagement Activities. (2016)

Following on from the evaluation of Concern’s IAPF programme (below), the organisation asked me to work with the team to develop a strategic framework for Concern’s public engagement activity across four departments.  This work included four workshops with the team to identify key features of the work already happening, how the work of the different departments fitted together (where overlap was) as well as where responsibilities lay.  These workshops resulted in a framework document and four results frameworks (one for each department) that could be used to manage the combine scope of work to be delivered by Concern.

Project: Final evaluation of Concern Worldwide’s Irish Aid Partnership Fund (IAPF) programme, spanning 17 countries and 26 projects. (2015-16)

Delivering the final evaluation of this €100m 5-year programme provided an opportunity to engage with multiple teams and country programmes both remotely and in-country.  The evaluation process included country case studies, value-for-money assessments, process tracing and outcome harvesting, all within a framework of Contribution Analysis approach.  The final outputs included an internal learning report that could provide more candid commentary for the client organisation than a published evaluation report could.  The learning report was provided as an additional product to the agreed reports.