A specialist in fast, effective and value-driven solutions for Social Impact Organisations

“It’s about identifying evidenced social impact that organisations can use to design and develop more effective value-driven solutions that make a practical positive difference to their beneficiaries”

Leadership, monitoring and evaluation are key functions that contribute to improved social impact.  I am passionate about improving the quality of social change delivered for individuals, communities and the environment; and so I focus on supporting leaders and managers and finding evidence, results and impact that can help organisations deliver more effective results.

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Evidence, Results, Impact

Monitoring and evaluation are the key tools that you use to identify evidence and information that you need to develop better strategies and better interventions for your beneficiaries.

Experienced at working in the pressurised environment of NGO project delivery, I deliver high-quality research and evaluations that comply with international standards of programme evaluation at a value-driven cost.  Identifying results and impact that can be used for future planning and strategy development, I also deliver practical real-time recommendations that can improve activities and outcomes for beneficiaries.

  • Strong analytical and investigatory skills
  • Experienced in theory-based impact evaluation methods
  • Published SROI and value for money assessor
  • Participatory-centred evaluation design and developmental evaluation approaches used

“You have produced a very informative, analytical, stimulating and crucial document for us. We were very lucky to have you as the lead consultant.”

Dr Douglas Lackey, Regional Advocacy and Communications Manager, HelpAge International

Leadership and Management Support

Leading and managing a social impact organisation can be a challenging experience as you try to keep your eye on more than just the financial performance of your organisation.  Sometimes things go wrong; and sometimes you just need a helping hand.

A versatile leader who relishes a challenge and who always delivers exceptional performance, I am experienced at designing and implementing strategies including business re-development, change management and partnership working.  I provide practical solutions for management challenges.

  • Strong commercial acumen
  • Strong analytical and investigatory skills
  • Key relationship building skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong team building and collaboration skills

“Robin provided invaluable support on a number of key governance issues …  He is a skilful facilitator but also able to provide first class advice on a range of sensitive issues.  I particularly appreciated his ability to make complex information accessible to a variety of audiences, thereby engaging people effectively and constructively.”

Neil Betteridge, former CEO of Arthritis Care


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