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Well here it is: 2019! It is potentially a huge year for those of us in the UK and in Europe, and it might be a significant year in Africa as many countries there go to the polls. It is always worth remembering that change happens all the time, and is a natural process. Rather than wishing things weren’t so or trying to stop the clock, it is better to view the changes coming and figure out how best to ride the wave. Here and now at the start of the year, it is a good time to consider how you’re riding the wave: on your belly clutching at the surfboard for all you’re worth, or standing on the board, moving and adjusting your frame to balance out the wave rolling beneath you (living in Cornwall was bound to bring up a surfing related analogy).

I could give you all the platitudes about refreshing your business, your strategy, your customer relations, and there will be loads of blogs and news articles telling you how to reinvent your life, survive the January blues and earn heaps of money.

Instead all I will tell you at the start of the year is that the only thing you can control with any certainty is your attitude. From that the rest will follow. Think about it: your attitude will affect how you approach every day, every meeting, every situation. So get just this one thing right: decide on the attitude with which you will face this year of change and go ride that wave!

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