Last month the NCVO issued its review of issues that UK charities should be focused on in 2019. NCVO conduct this PEST analysis each year. This time it does feel however like the results are too general as to be properly useful.

The review focuses on the political impasse in British politics, a gloomy economic outlook, the role charities have to play in addressing society’s major challenges, the continued increased scrutiny, and the role of charities in the use and advancement of technology that could influence our lives.

The review does acknowledge that not much appears to have changed in 12 months, but I suspect that is just a poor excuse for a lack of vision and leadership in the UK charity sector more generally and the real risk that traditional ‘charities’ run of being left behind as the world moves more quickly into a new settled order based on AI and other smart tech, increased use of blockchain technology, weaker national governments and stronger devolution.