The UK is taking a few steps to move out of lockdown (actually it feels more like storming the door to rush outside). But after two months of working from home, working online and doing things differently, what new habits and processes will you keep doing?

I asked this question in a recent online meeting with fellow consultants and they told me that they would mostly like to keep working from home and doing work online more. But their answers also revealed that being present at home more and being present in our local communities more also mattered. This is important – this pandemic has reminded us of how we are all connected and importantly, where we are all connected.

Things people would like to keep doing after lockdown

It seems that we value being able to work more flexibly, in a way that allows us to better manage all of our responsibilities. We are, after all, fully rounded people, not just workers or parents or children or siblings, or indeed social impact consultants! If this pandemic has reminded us of one thing, it is this.

Many communities have responded better to looking out for neighbours and friends than most governments have. This renewed sense of social cohesion must continue. But at what price have we learned that we are all in this together?

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