© Robin Brady
© Robin Brady

No, this is not another blog post that tells you to read more, take another course, volunteer for a worthy local cause. I bet you have already read a load of posts telling you what this influencer is reading on the beach this summer, or what that business leader thinks are the critical business reads of the summer.

That isn’t what a summer break is for now is it! Put your phone or tablet down, switch off your laptop or desktop and unplug from the world. That’s what a vacation is for. And we get this precious rest time for a reason: recharging our own physical, social and spiritual batteries.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to take loads of long weekends off or save up all of your time to take all your leave in one go, having a month or more away from the office. What matters is the quality of the time you take. If you are going to spend it reading work-related stuff or constantly checking your twitter feed and LinkedIn or Facebook and Instagram, then you are not getting any kind of rest or respite from the world. You are not thinking laterally, or about nothing at all, you are not resting your body and you are not being present for the people that you took this time off to be with in the first place.

There is more than enough evidence out there and on LinkedIn, Medium, etc. about how important rest and relaxation is for innovation and productivity. Don’t just read about it – do it!


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