© danleap / iStock
© danleap / iStock

It is easy to think that an evaluation is an all-or-nothing kind of service, that you’re buying in expensive skills and expertise and that it is going to take three to six months of detailed data collection and analysis. Well, yes, evaluation can be that and even more. And sometimes that is what is necessary. But sometimes it isn’t.

You see, the beauty of having an end-to-end evaluation service is that clients often buy just the bits that they need, especially if they are on a limited budget or only need a specific insight to be identified. Last year I worked with a client that only needed a monitoring and evaluation framework for example, and this year I’ve facilitated a couple of workshops as part of larger project design processes for a number of clients.

It is easy to think that evaluation is expensive, elitist, beyond your control or access. But it isn’t really and any good evaluator will work with you to make sure you can get the insights and results that you need, in a cost effective manner.

What insights do you need to get a handle on today?


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